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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forget Romance: Five Tales of Erotica by Alyssa Steel

Forget Romance: Five Tales of Erotica from Alyssa Steel

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Isabel: The Reluctant Mistress
A virginal peasant girl is reluctantly thrust into the spotlight as she auditions to join the king's court of mistresses.

Do You Trust Me?
Shelby and Chris are a not so happily married couple on the brink of divorce. One day, Chris asks her if she trusts him and Shelby has to decide how far she will go to please her husband and save her marriage.

Taken By Surprise
Jennifer often drifts into fantasies, and she and Alec enjoy sharing their secret desires with each other. One day, Jennifer comes home to discover that Alec has gone to great lengths to fulfill some of her darkest fantasies. Fighting her fears, anxieties, and indoctrinated social mores proves to be difficult for her as Alec leads her deeper and deeper into her fantasy world. 

The Concert
After two years of a hot and heavy office flirtation, Mike and Lori are finally going out on a date. When Lori runs into a friend during dinner, she gets some advice that is sure to knock Mike off his feet. Although nervous about making herself vulnerable, she follows her friend’s advice and ends up experiencing the most amazing night of her life.

His Heat, My Desire
After her fiancĂ© moved out without a warning, a young woman decides go to a party. She hopes he will be there so he can see that she’s not heartbroken. She decides to take a short cut through an alley and comes face to face with her deepest desires.

If you like it hard, buy it here!