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Monday, June 2, 2014

Alyssa Steel Interviewed by Mya Larose

Originally posted at, on Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday's Tea with Alyssa Steel

I’m so excited to have Alyssa Steel join me for this week’s Monday’s Tea guest, and I can’t wait to hear more about her latest book, Forget Romance: Five Tales of Erotica

Forget Romance: Five Tales of Erotica from Alyssa Steel

Isabel: The Reluctant Mistress- A virginal peasant girl is reluctantly thrust into the spotlight as she auditions to join the king's court of mistresses. Do You Trust Me? Shelby and Chris are a not so happily married couple on the brink of divorce. One day, Chris asks her if she trusts him and Shelby has to decide how far she will go to please her husband and save her marriage.

Taken by Surprise- Jennifer often drifts into fantasies, and she and Alec enjoys sharing their secret desires with each other. One day, Jennifer comes home to discover that Alec has gone to great lengths to fulfill some of her darkest fantasies. Fighting her fears, anxieties, and indoctrinated social mores prove to be difficult for her as Alec leads her deeper and deeper into her fantasy world.

The Concert- After two years of a hot and heavy office flirtation, Mike and Lori are finally going out on a date. When Lori runs into a friend during dinner, she gets some advice that is sure to knock Mike off his feet. Although nervous about making herself vulnerable, she follows her friend’s advice and ends up experiencing the most amazing night of her life.

His Heat, My Desire- After her fiancĂ© moved out without a warning, a young woman decides go to a party. She hopes he will be there so he can see that she’s not heartbroken. She decides to take a short cut through an alley and comes face to face with her deepest desires

Now she’s here to share a few things with us and maybe we’ll even get a hint of what is coming up soon.

Q: Welcome Alyssa, I’m so glad you could join us.

Alyssa: Thank you for having me. I think this will be fun.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your background and how you started writing?

Alyssa: What is there to say? I’m just another erotica writing, homeschooling, atheist, feminist trying to make vodka money in the Bible Beltwhere, by the way, I can’t buy vodka everywhere, and only after 12 on Sundays. Damned blue laws. But I digress.
I’ve been making up stories in my head since I was a little kid, and I first starting writing “books” when I was about 8. They were really just ridiculous little booklets made out of construction paper and staples. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, so the illustrations were laughable, but I think the writing was quite good for an eight year old. I pestered my whole family into buying my books, but the only person who ever bought one was my grandpa.

Q: What do you find hardest about writing? Easiest?

Alyssa: Finding the time is far and away the most difficult part about writing for me. As a mother who homeschools a middle school boy, my days are pretty much filled with fighting over math, trips to the skate park, pretending I’m interested in Minecraft, and making sure my laptop is always on tight lockdown. I wouldn’t want him to stumble across anything I write under this pen name.

Q: what is your favorite Book and why?

Alyssa: It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite book. I love so many books for so many reasons, and the ones I love most are constantly jostling each other in and out of the top spots.  Among some of my favorites are: Lightning by Dean Koontz;The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break by Steven Sherrill; ASoldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin; Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera; and pretty much anything written by Franz Kafka.The Castle is my favorite of his longer works and Poseidon is my favorite Kafka short story.

Q: What one word would you use to describe yourself?

Alyssa: Caffeinated.

Q: A little bird told me that you love cooking. Is it true?

Alyssa: I absolutely adore cooking, especially when I have the time to try new recipes and the resources to have fresh and quality ingredients. But life can get busy and sometimes dinner becomes an afterthought so that I end up leaning on my tried and true, quick fix meals. I do try to cook as much from scratch as possible, though.

Q: How many books have you written?

Alyssa: Written and published are two very different words. The number changes depending on what your meaning is and whether or not my construction paper booklets, and the other novels of my teenage years count.

Q: Tells us about your 1st book.

Alyssa: Well, as I recall, it had something to do with a puppy and a goose, who were best friendsWait, I imagine you mean something more recent than 1982. Isabel: The Reluctant Mistress was the first book I published under Alyssa Steel, which is my pen name. It was born out of a fantasy I’ve been having since I was old enough to fantasize.

Q: And last, do you have anything you would like to say to your current readers or to those that haven't yet read your work(s)?

Alyssa: I write the things that turn you on. What’s your superpower?

Q: Thank you Alyssa Steel for joining me today on Monday’s Tea.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit as much as I have.

Alyssa: My pleasure! Cheers!